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Buy Magic Mushrooms

Buy magic mushrooms , psilocybin mushrooms . We are top suppliers of all psychedelic mushrooms for sale USA Psilocybe Cubensis is a species of psychedelic mushroom whose principal active compounds are psilocybin and psilocin. Commonly called shrooms, psilocybin mushroom, golden tops, cubes, or gold caps.

Psilocybin mushrooms are mushrooms that contain the hallucinogenic substances psilocybin, psilocin, Baeocystin, and Norbaeocystin. Many psilocybin mushrooms are in the genus Psilocybe, but species across several other genera contain the drugs.buy Psilocybin Mushroom online.

We carry a large collection of psilocybe Cubensis mushroom spore prints. The current strains available do change as the stock replenishes so check back often for new strains.   All of our quality mushroom strains are available in aluminum foil.

Medicinal Mushrooms

These aren’t specific types. The term is often used to describe mushroom powders, supplements, or extracts used for health purposes. These aren’t “medicines” a doctor would prescribe. The research is still too early for that. But the findings so far on mushrooms as medicine are promising.

Watch Out for Deadly Fungi

There are about 70-80 species of poisonous mushrooms. Most will just make you sick, but a few can kill you. These include death caps, deadly dapperlings, destroying angels, autumn skullcaps, and fly agaric (above). The best way to avoid toxic varieties is to get your ‘shrooms from a trusted source instead of picking them in the wild. And if you do pick them yourself, be sure a mushroom expert gives you the OK.

Say you eat a wild mushroom and then wonder if you made a big mistake. How can you know? Typical mushroom poisoning causes nausea, vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea within 4 hours. In most cases, if you drink plenty of water, you’ll recover just fine at home. But because some mushrooms can be so toxic, it’s best to call your doctor if you have signs of mushroom poisoning

Terence McKenna and his brother Dennis made Psilocybe Cubensis particularly famous when they published Psilocybin: The Psilocybin mushroom Grower’s Guide in the 1970s upon their return from the Amazon rainforest, having deduced new methods (based on pre-existing techniques) for growing psilocybin mushrooms and assuring their audience that Psilocybe Cubensis were amongst the easiest psilocybin-containing mushrooms to cultivate. More Categories of Mushrooms.


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